Ingredients etc…

Cooksahoy is based in my kitchen in London. So that pretty much means, I’ll be using all the ingredients that are easily available in any relatively large town or city.

We also eat pretty healthy in my home, so fatty foods will not be something you’ll find here. Even if a traditional recipe calls for something super fatty, I usually find a substitute without sacrificing taste too much! Most people have never been able to tell the difference!

So, let’s get to the things I cannot live without in my kitchen!

A food processor


some great knives & a measuring cup

an Indian pressure cooker (not necessary but sure as heck saves on gas!)

a colander

and that’s pretty much it! Can’t really get simpler than that!

I do have a kitchen scale (bought in the hopes I’d be brave enough to try baking! It’s still in its box waiting for me to gather my courage!)


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