My Soon To Come Massive Diwali Dinner!

Sometimes I feel my love of cooking is one of a myriad ways I willingly shoot myself in the foot. In the next few days, you can expect a flurry of Indian recipes on Cooksahoy – for good reason!

It’s the festival of lights – Diwali, on November 13, 2012. But since it falls so inconveniently on a Tuesday this year, I’m getting 20 of my friends together for a traditional feast on Saturday night. The dinner won’t be at my house this year, but in the home of two of my closest friends. The wonderful hosts have a much larger place and therefore a huge dining table (compared to my tiny kitchen table). But since neither of them can cook, it’s been left up to me to come up with a dinner that would do my mother proud!

I’ve never compromised the flavors from what my mother or grandmother would make,  just because most of my friends in London, are American or European. They seem to love the spices and have told me time and time again, they find no need to ask me to make dishes milder, since homemade Nawabi Indian food is never hot, just beautifully spiced! Now, when it comes to dishes from the south of India, it’s a whole different story! So, for the masses – By popular demand, the menu ranges from street food, to nawabi paneer (cottage cheese) dishes, chicken, Dal makhani to desserts like Gajjar halwa!

No one said cooking for 20 was easy, but for those who regularly make Christmas, Thanksgiving or Eid dinners – you’ll feel my apprehension, exhaustion and adrenelin. I have been told I overdo holiday dinners and that I could make my life so much easier, if I made less – but then again, what would be the fun in that!?


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