Restaurant Reviews

It’s not often my taste in food is echoed by the professional reviewers of Michelin or The Sunday Times. I’ve never understood the pull of Tripadvisor’s top ranked restaurants and usually end up relying on locals where ever I go, to point me in the right direction.

Since I also love asking the Chefs of the restaurants I visit (if willing), to share the recipes of the foods I’ve tried & loved, I figured, Cooksahoy needs to have restaurant reviews – The Great, the Good, the Bad & the Ugly.

So, if you are between the ages of 25-45, love good food, are well travelled, love experimenting, aren’t too driven by Michelin Stars or prices (high or low) you might find the reviews I write, helpful! I hope you’ll disagree with me if you think I’m way off base, or agree with me if you end up trying some of the places I’ve been to!

You’ll find some of my reviews on under the name “mmaniar” – I do try and keep a wide audience entertained, if not informed! Do let me know if you bump into my recommendations there and if you find them useful! Unlike on Cooksahoy, my reviews on tripadvisor tend to encompass cities, hotels, attractions and of course food!

Since Cooksahoy is London based and therefore the inherent bias will be obvious , I’m going to try to make sure the restaurants featured here will be from every city, town or village I visit around the world! Budget withstanding! I’ll also note the month & year of visiting, since quality does tend to fluctuate in the food industry!

Happy Eating!


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