Ibiza, Spain Restaurants

Blue Marlin


Cala Jondal, 07830 San Josep de Sa Talaia, Ibiza  Spain

Phone: +34 -971410117

Visited: June/July 2011

Pricy, snotty but fun if that’s your cup of tea! A meal here costs as much as a Michelin star in London! But if you are prepped for it, it’s not really a shock. Definitely not a place to bring your kids, its a place to see & be seen! Models strutting barely there hugely expensive beach wear that you couldn’t wear anywhere but Ibiza, tanned bronzed bodies on show and a hugely fun DJ. The party starts as soon as lunch is over and goes on into the evening.

Getting a lunch reservation in June wasn’t too hard, but we did get kicked off our table as soon as our meal was over. For a hot summer day, the menu though was lovely and the service quite prompt. The food was not traditional Spanish, but definitely in the league of many Barcelona restaurants.

Blue Marlin’s sun beds, no matter what anyone says, are hard to get – but they are available at prices for which you could buy one in a store! If you aren’t eating here, best to head to Yemanja next door for the food & beds and head to Blue Marlin for their bar & crowd. The two flow into each other so you wont feel the difference.
I visited with 3 men who (obviously) absolutely loved the party atmosphere! (They weren’t really paying attention to the food).It’s definitely a celebrity hang out, but only if you know who the British A/B/C listers are 🙂
Warning: Ibiza’s cab services do not pick up Blue Marlin customers (ask any of them why – some seriously entertaining cabbie stories), so get a drink at Yemanja and ask them to order a cab for you. It’s a 20 minute cab ride to Ibiza town!



Cala Jondal, Sant Josep, Ibiza, Spain

Phone: +34 – 971187481

Visited: June/July 2011

Great food & people watching! It’s right at the edge of the white cove of Cala Jondal and stunning to boot. More rustic than the glamour of Blue Marlin next door, they achieve what the ambiance set out to! Get you some great food and drinks while you relax! I discovered Cava Sangria (it’s the house special and they make the best I’ve had in Spain!) here and just a jug of the gorgeous stuff  made Yemanja my home during my trip to Ibiza! If you want to witness the glamour of blue marlin without the hassle of booking sun beds weeks in advance, getting kicked off your table post lunch etc – it’s worth heading to Yemanja.

Service is friendlier and the attitude way more relaxed & other than the colour of the sun loungers, you don’t even realise you may have left Blue Marlin for another restaraunt! Loved this place! Made my holiday! Try the paella with the cava sangria! Yummmm. The Chefs really know what they’re doing with that Paella. Perfectly seasoned, perfectly cooked with just the right touch of crispness as the bottom of the pan!

It is worth booking the sun beds at least 24 hours in advance, or early in the morning before you head out to Cala Jondal. Or simply wait – post 4pm the serious sun bathers leave! And that gives you access to the sunbeds right at the edge of the rocks!

Yemanja is open every day (yes I mean 365 days a year) from 1pm until midnight. The restaurant is firm about its policy not to accept reservations by email and they also tell you that they won’t take  reservations on Sunday evenings. Odd, but there you have it!


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