London Restaurants


12-14 Hillgate Street, London W8 7SR

Phone: +44 (0) 2072293794

Visited: September 2012

This is a place to go with friends and reservations. Ask for the table near the entrance (far more peaceful) since the volume of voices reaches a cacophony in the main (tiny) part of the restaraunt. The co- owner is enthusiastic if a tad inexperienced..but that just adds to the experience of trying something new. Service can be shaky as most of the wait staff seem brand spanking new to the job, but a little patience is rewarded by food that might not be traditional Greek, but a heck of a lot of fun. Some are hits, some well…misses! Their desserts have a long way to go, but the mains are super. We first went when Mazi was about 1 month old and the angel hair dessert was just too sweet. We told the owner our frank opinion & when we went the next time, he made sure to tell us that the recipe had been adjusted and wanted our opinion on how it tasted now, not bad I said.
Just remember, the portions are tapas style so go with a few friends and order like it is a tapas bar. I like it, but getting reservations can be a bit of a pain. Understandable, since it’s so very small.



157-159 Notting Hill Gate  London, Greater London W11 3LF
Phone: +44 (0) 2072292115

Visited: Atleast once a month

As an Indian, it’s hard to find a good Indian restaraunt that can compete with your own kitchen in London. “Curry houses” that pass plonk off as Indian food are dime a dozen in the city, but this is one place that I can go without feeling like I’m eating some weird concoction that is supposed to be Indian. Chef Andy has brought some class to Indian food and to Notting hill. Our family are now monthly regulars and would be more frequent if we didn’t like a host of cuisines!. But we have our Chakra favorites down to the tee, so we don’t even ask for the menu!
The fried okra is exactly what you would get in my grandma’s kitchen, the Jalandhar chicken is simply stunning and the lamb chops are out of this world!
This is one of those special places that you don’t expect to find in your neighborhood  With drinks & starters the bill can jump to £40 a head, leave the booze out and it’s stunning value for money! We don’t though! I love their cocktails 🙂


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