Venice Restaurants

Do Forni

Calle dei Specchieri 457, Venice, Italy

Phone:  +39-041-523-0663


Visited June 2012

Smell a generous commission here for hotel concierges when you enter Do Forni? Well, you would be right! This was THE worst restaraunt I’ve ever been to, anywhere in the world.

I like to think I’m quite well travelled & appreciate good food even at a price – but this is a restaurant that takes the cake in being a tourist trap of the worst kind. It’s the amalgamation of everything a restaurant should not be – Bad service, horrible food and for the pleasure of all that, more pricy than some of the best restaurants in London or NYC.

My table of 4 paid a bill of 280 Euro for 2 antipasti, 4 mains and a bottle of wine. The price wouldn’t have bothered us if the food had been edible. The service was so rude, the waiter insisted we order our 1st & 2nd course 1 minute after seating us in a horrendous corner of the restaurant where they shove tourists. It’s probably the most aggressive service I’ve ever faced and I’ve been on the serving side!

I could shrug that off as a one-off, but the night then went from bad to worse. Our wonderfully aggressive waiter forgot to put in the order for the antipasti, the fish we had ordered was spoilt and the icing on the cake was when they announced the kitchen had burnt 1 main and forgotten to tell us. You see, the three of us were sitting with our food getting cold waiting for the fourth person on our table to be served. Finally as we shared our main with our food-less friend, finished it and contemplated dessert, her main arrived – and it was absolutely inedible. Brown slop with so much salt that the sea would probably spit it out!

Our concierge at the Venice Westin had recommended we head there. On our return, I let the manager of the hotel know in no uncertain words that Westin guests deserved more than the concierge’s commission recommendations!

Here’s the Cherry on top of the icing – The 3 of us who actually ate the mains got sick within minutes!

Advice: Don’t eat in Venice’s San Marco area – All the restaurants in the area scream tourist traps (or as I call them TTs). Cross the bridge and you’ll find gems in all the alleys! Or better yet, go to Venice’s Giudecca area for local food & local people!


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